About Us


Intice was founded in the Portland metro area with an ambitious goal; Invent a powerful yet affordable laser level to help handymen around the world work on projects with efficiency and ease!

We want to supply accuracy, consistency, and convenience to each and everyone of our amazing customers.


Our Story

As a handyman, it became apparent to me that there was a lack of choice in the current market for industrial, reliable, and accurate laser levels at a price accessible to most.

When I started working on my home renovations I found laser levels to be an absolute necessity but my old red beam laser was hard to see, quick to die, and hardly functional. 

I found some other quality lasers online that suited my needs but were extremely expensive and not quite as functional as the price entailed.

I have engineered the Intice intelligent laser level to be as functional, heavy duty, affordable, and easy to use as could possibly be.

Created in 2019 by owner Aaron Piete. Intice has grown from a faint idea, into one of the fastest growing laser level businesses today.

Now trusted by over 10,000 satisfied customers worldwide, Intice is utilized in many different projects from home renovation to professional trades.


Why Choose Intice?

This growth comes from a devotion to producing innovative, effective, and time-saving products, because we know, life goes fast so whenever saving time is possible we would like to do so.

Before there is an action, there is an idea.

We exist to create the tools that help people unlock their full, incredible potential and put their ideas into action.


What Is The Intice™ Intelligent Laser Level?

Pronounced In-tice, the Intice Intelligent Laser Level Kit is the best-in-class german engineered green beam, self-leveling laser level kit. The Intice intelligent laser level is a chalk line, spirit level, and plumb bob all combined in one. With a single click of a button, you can be up and running in seconds.

The Intice Intelligent Laser level can plumb, align, square, and level which makes it your perfect companion for virtually any project.

With a handy padded carrying case encasing many mounts ranging from a rotating magnetic wall bracket, a one-of-a-kind micro-control floor lift, and our signature tripod there isn’t a single spot that can’t be hit.


Meet The Founder

“A little over two years ago, I set out to build a company that makes high-quality laser leveling and measuring tools. The idea is simple and straightforward, but the passion behind the business runs much deeper. 

Growing up in a Do-it-yourself focused household, I spent my teenage year's roofing, landscaping, and building alongside my father while learning all about tools and their uses. 

I went off to early college to pursue my interest in business, but many of my high school peers went right into the trades. 

Early in their careers they were all making a solid living, had no debt or college loans, owned homes, and were starting to build and support families of their own. They remain some of my best friends today and a huge part of why I've put so much energy into building Intice.

Intice is reinventing the laser tool realm, starting from the ground up with levels and distance measurers.

Initially, we spent a lot of time researching and studying side-by-side with my friends in the trades obsessing over how to engineer products and solutions that make real handyman’s lives easier; so you can focus your time and energy on the things that truly matter, and ignore the things that don’t.

Next, we solved the biggest problem – unnecessary retail store mark-ups that take your hard-earned money right out of your pocket. By selling directly to you online, we cut out the retail mark-ups - inventory - store rent, utilities, and other costs that come with them.  

Even though my friends definitely have the capital to buy any tools on the market, they shouldn't be overpaying for the tools they use on a daily - guys like them are the backbone of this country, and they deserve more.”

- Aaron Piete. Founder & CEO