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Intice™ Intelligent Laser Level

Intice™ Intelligent Laser Level - Intice

Intice™ Intelligent Laser Level

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Ultimate In Accuracy, Consistency, and Convenience. 


Intice Intelligent Laser Level is a handyman's best friend! It was designed to help you effortlessly make alignments with pinpoint accuracy in seconds; allowing you to complete projects in a fraction of the time. 



Whether it's tiling, building a deck, lining up picture frames, or more, Intice Intelligent Laser Level provides a comprehensive solution to all your leveling needs! 

Intice™ Intelligent Laser Level is unlike any ordinary level. This tool delivers portable productivity. With its compact size, ease of use, and self-leveling, it is built to take on the tightest of spaces while still giving you outstanding power, fast operation, and exceptional durability.


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Main Features.


SMART PENDULUM SYSTEM - Laser automatically self-levels, cutting out all the guesswork. The laser projects 16 adjustable lines up to 100 ft - in 360°, with accuracy within 1/16 inch at 30 feet.
✔ SUPERIOR VISIBILITY - Bright green laser lines offer improved visibility for ease of measuring and indoor/outdoor usage. 4x sharper and brighter than traditional red beams.  
✔ PROJECT LINES AT ANY ANGLE - For projects where your lines are not level or plumb, the tools locking mode allows you to position the projected lines at any angle you choose.
✔ LONG-LASTING BATTERY LIFE - Rechargeable lithium-Ion batteries last for up to 10 hours, never letting battery deaths interrupt your project.
✔ REMOTE CONTROLLABLE - With remote-controlled operations, you needn't be near the laser, reducing the chance of bumping into it. If, however, it does get bumped or jostled by a shaky floor, the tool signals you there's a problem.



Choose Efficiency Without Sacrificing Perfection.


Intice Intelligent Laser Level is a game-changer for various leveling and layout applications such as:

  • Foundation
  • Framing
  • Cabinet installation
  • Drop ceiling
  • Kitchen installation
  • Renovation & re-modeling
  • Tile work
  • Ceiling bracket installation 
  • And many more!



Easy To Setup.


The integrated bracket features micro-control and pivots on plumb point for easy and fast alignment. The amplified rare earth magnets provide a strong hold and will not slide on steel studs, while an added lift mechanism is perfect for tasks on the ground. 

The numerous mounting options make setup easy and efficient in any environment, allowing you to step away and work hands-free!



What Our Customers Say. 


Adam Connor
"I spent a good hour marking my deck posts for level with a string line and string level. It was good but hard to get “perfect” across all 17 posts. I kept re-checking and finding minor differences.

It took me 10 minutes to do the same, with 100% accuracy, using this laser level. I will definitely use this again for future products.


Harold Cooper
"MUST HAVE TOOL! I get about 5 jobs a day on average, and have thousands of dollars worth of tools, I gotta say this laser level. It can do just about anything. I use it for laying out walls, framing walls, hanging drywall level, chair rail and wainscoting, and many many more things!"


Jack Sorenson ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
"I’m a structural engineer & do a lot of site visit & inspection jobs and I needed a laser level for my job. The laser is so sharp & really hard to miss in daylight. You won't find another laser level with all the functions of this one ANYWHERE NEAR the price point of this one. It is an incredible deal for what you get. Strongly recommended, it makes my life waaaay easier!"


    Product Specifications.


    • Remote Range of 60 ft (~18m)
    • Accuracy within 1/16 inch at 30 feet (2mm at 10m)
    • Power supply 12V 2.0 Ah
    • Laser class II
    • Self-leveling and oblique leveling
    • IP Rating: IP54 waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof
    • Includes: Intice Intelligent Laser Level, Padded Carrying Case, Lifting Platform, 12V Max* Battery + Charger, Magnet Wall Bracket & Plate, 1/4" + 5/8" Thread Mount.




    Frequently Asked Questions.

    Q: Why use a laser level? 
    A: If you haven't worked with a laser level, you should consider getting yourself one. They are a real time-saver and often lead to better outcomes then water levels or spirit bubbles.   


    Q: What jobs could I use a laser level for?
    A: They are used in a variety of jobs where layout is performed and an accurate, level reference is needed. Jobs such as, installing ceiling tiles, installing chair railings in a dining room. Some tasks are small, such as hanging pictures in a level fashion across a living room wall. Some tasks are large, such as installing sewer pipe or handling a site grading plan for a new building.


    Q: What does self-leveling mean?

    A: If the surface you put the laser on/attach to is not level or plumb, it levels itself in order to give you a level line.


    Q: Can the two intersecting lines be used as plumb bob points?

    A: Yes, they absolutely can cross at points for plumb point uses. The laser displays both vertical and horizontal lines making it perfect for almost every task. 


    Q: How thick is the beam?

    A: The green beam laser lines have a thickness of 1/16" (2mm) and are produced with German lasers operating at 520nm wavelength and are accurate to within 1/16 inch at 30 feet (2mm at 10m). 




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