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Simplify the way you work.

Say goodbye to hefty 6-foot bubble levels and messy chalk lines that are a pain to hold, time-consuming, and often require two people just to get accurate alignments.

With Intice laser levels your aligning, leveling, and squaring can be spot on all the time, even more than 100 feet away across a rough grade. This tool delivers portable productivity. With its compact size, ease of use, and self-leveling, it is built to take on the tightest of spaces while still giving you outstanding visibility, fast operation, and exceptional durability.

  • - BigMike76, Verified Customer

    "Delivers outstanding value if your to-do list of installation projects is getting out of hand and the price of a premium professional cross line laser is out of reach, there’s good news."

  • - Jerry Martin, Verified Customer

    "Intice Laser Level is an extremely versatile layout tool perfect for a wide range of trades including; site work, carpentry, mechanical and electrical contractors."

  • - Brian Brief, Verified Customer

    "Takes the hard work out of aligning tiles, installing drop ceilings, etc. I've always sweated getting flooring setup so the layout is perfect. I'd obsess, measure and snap a line (or two) do dry lay ups remark my lines... with this tool it's a snap."

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