What is a 3D Laser Level?


A three-dimensional laser level emits laser lines that form a 360° horizontal plane and two 360° vertical planes at the same time. Three specific laser lines simultaneously cover the floor, walls, and ceiling of the target room, allowing the user to choose one of the three laser lines based on the job site application. 

Intice Intelligent Laser Level is a good example of this, it features 3-4 separate laser lines in the vertical and horizontal planes that can last up to 8 hours. 

Intice lasers can self level in +-three seconds thanks to their innovative smart pendulum technology. Once locked, the pendulum shifts to manual mode, allowing the line to be locked at any angle. This makes your job easier and more productive.



When using a standard laser level during the day, the bright sunlight tends to weaken the view of the laser, but this one emits a green light that makes it very easy to see. In addition to the highly visible green beam, the energy-saving pulse mode can extend the laser working time and range which is very cost-effective. 

It can easily help you hang pictures at the same precise height, complete wall tiling projects, or accomplish wallpaper design tasks, among other things. It can also project vertical cross lines to help you execute a variety of DIY projects with precision. 



The IP54 waterproof/dustproof over-molded laser glass lenses on the Intice Intelligent Laser Level ensures that you can work correctly in harsh working situations. It has 1/4"-20 and 5/8"-11 mounting threads on the bottom to accommodate different tripod threads that can be used with it. Its powerful magnetic swivel L bracket can be removed and attached to metal rails and steel. 



After researching Hilti, Bosch, Dewalt, Klein, and other laser brands, you just cannot justify the price of a green laser ranging from $400 to over $1000. You'll love Intice's 3-wire laser level after you see what it can do and how affordable it is. 


Different laser planes.


The 3-wire laser level offers nearly endless degrees of application to meet the needs of the most typical occasions, and it is nicely priced and will help you save a lot of money, in addition to the quality guarantee. 

Using a 3D laser level instead of a regular level will make your job easier and faster. You'll be able to operate more precisely thanks to the 360-degree rotation capability, which is extremely user-friendly. And because it's wireless, you can simply plug it in and walk away without having to worry about wires or cables getting in the way! When using the 3D laser level, you also don't need an electrical outlet nearby. You'll be able to transfer it effortlessly between job locations due to its durability and portability.