How to Use Your Laser Level Outdoors


Laser levels are available in a wide range of styles. Some are designed for primarily indoor usage while others are made for a mixture of both.

Is it possible to work outside? It may be difficult to see the laser with the naked eye outside. Green/red goggles are required at this time to improve the sight of the green/red laser line outdoors; however, a receiver is still often neccesary to operate a laser level outdoors in order to locate the trace point as rapidly as possible.

Wondering how to tackle your project and use Intice's laser levels? Read on below for a handful of helpful guides.



How to Use a Laser Level Outdoors in 5 simple steps:

1.Turn on the laser level after mounting it on a tripod.

2. Aim the laser level where you want the reading to be taken. When you've located it, lock the laser level in place.

3. Move the laser receiver to the location where you wish to get a reading. Use the laser receiver's included magnet or position it on a flat surface at the same height as the laser level. A second tripod would be ideal in this situation.

4. Move the laser receiver slowly until the laser beam from the level is caught and the device begins beeping/flashing. When you've found the beam, either lock the receiver into place (if it's on a tripod or grade rod) or steady it (if on a flat surface or attached by magnet).

5. Find the alignment or condition of level that you desire by using the level and receiveras initially intended.