How To Use a Laser Level For Laying Tiles


One of the deceptively simple tasks is laying floor tiles. Yes, it appears to be difficult and overwhelming for a DIYer to complete.

You can do it with ease if you follow the appropriate instructions and utilize the right instruments, especially a laser square (or a tile laser level).

Let's have a look at the tools and materials needed to complete the operation before moving on to the tile installation process.

Steps To Installing Floor Tiles

Step 1: Determine the size of your floor

Step 2: Get Your Floor Ready

Step 3 (Optional): Cement Backer Board Installation

Step 4: Undercut the jambs of the doors.

Step 5: Combine the Thinset Mortar ingredients in a mixing bowl.

Step 6: Using a Tile Laser Level, Align the Tiles

Step 7: Install Tiles Along The Wall 

Step 8: Apply Grout to the Joints

Step 9: Clean the grout and seal it.


Tips For Laying Tiles With A Laser Level:

You should conduct a test before beginning tile installation to determine the best layout. This can be accomplished by laying tiles in the room's center. This is the perfect moment to experiment with some bold patterns.

You should choose floor tiles with a rough or textured finish for safety reasons, as the glossier ones are more likely to become slippery when wet.

Always purchase more tiles than you require to account for any breakage or errors. 

The basic rule is to purchase 10% more tiles than you require.

Always mark the border tiles after measuring to ensure that they are cut correctly.

Final notes in using a laser level throughout the tile-laying process include:

To get the best accuracy, make sure the laser square is on a flat surface. Make sure your laser is of high quality such as Intice Intelligent Laser Level.

If you're working in a large space, you should move the laser square forward as you work.

Laying floor tiles is a basic and straightforward task, as you may have noticed. You must, however, exercise patience and concentrate while doing so. Even a single misplaced tile might derail an entire project.