How to use a Laser Tape Measure


When working in the construction sector, the measurements you take are often vital to the success of your project, so making sure you're taking them accurately is essential.

Because you must measure from one end of your tape measure to the other if your tape measure does not have a laser connected, it might be difficult to achieve precise measurements when the space between two spots is very small or if the distance between two points is long and straight. Fortunately, you can utilize a laser tape measure to ensure that all of your measures are correct.

How do you use a Laser Tape Measure?

To get an exact measurement, first place the device against point A of the measurement.

Then, face your measuring tape towards point B of object you're measuring. Click the measurment button once to turn on the device then once more to make the measurement. It's as simple as that!


What is A Laser Tape Measure?

A laser tape measure is an essential tool for anyone who takes their profession seriously. Knowing how to use one of these tools will make you look like a pro, whether you're measuring your first DIY project or working on large-scale building projects.

Even if the difference is only a few centimeters, having that extra precision can guarantee that everything runs well. We take it for granted, yet a tape measure is a crucial tool that helps us accomplish our duties more successfully and efficiently when used properly.


Features to look for when purchasing your laser tape measure.

Because it is accurate, quick, and simple to use, a laser tape measure is suitable for most home improvement, construction, and manufacturing projects. An ISO rating, a Certificate of Accuracy, a Configurable Beep Sound, a Backlit Display, an IP54 rating, and a working temperature range are just a few of the features to look for in a laser tape measure.

An ISO rating indicates the level of precision that your laser tape measure will provide. When measuring objects, the higher the number on an ISO scale (which ranges from 1-9), the more accurate your gadget will be.

Search for one that has an IP54 classification, which means it can withstand splashing water or rain without being damaged. Many other types of lasers have varying ratings, so it's crucial to look at them all before making a final decision.


Difference between a rangefinder and a laser tape measure?

Rangefinders and laser tapes are both distance measuring devices that use technology. The distinction is that a rangefinder utilizes sound waves to measure distance, whereas a laser tape uses light beams to measure distance. This implies that tapes labeled as laser or rangefinder tapes will have both sorts of measurements—the distinction only applies when comparing brands or styles.


What are the benefits of using a laser tape measure instead of a regular tape measure?

Lasers are more precise than people, resulting in less downtime and increased production. If you're working with measures, all you have to do now is hit play—your job is done! In addition, laser tape measures are faster than standard tape measures. Simply point and shoot instead of uncomfortably contorting yourself into various angles to measure that hard-to-reach location or odd shape.



Consider how much time it takes someone else, or even yourself, to measure pieces of wood or plywood for a project each day. You may easily spend an hour or more on a single assignment.

Consider how much time you could save if you had a laser tape measure—you could reduce it in half, or even more! The ability to act as a lantern is the final benefit lasers offer over traditional tape measures. This is especially helpful if you're working late at night, as most construction sites aren't as well illuminated. Simply because of this feature, laser tape measures are well worth the money.


Common Errors When Using Laser Tape Measures.

When utilizing a laser tape measure, one of the most common mistakes is neglecting to set it to zero before starting your measurement. This can lead to inaccuracy and the belief that you have measured improperly. If you're taking a measurement from point A to point B, make sure your laser tape measure is set to point A, then take your measurement from point A to point B.

Otherwise, your reading will be influenced by how long it has been since you last measured zero or any previous measurements. 



Using A Laser Distance Finder To Take Accurate Measurements

Before taking measures, make sure your tape measure is straight and level. If it isn't, your measurements aren't going to be very exact. Most of these tape measures have either an adjustable hook or a magnetic marker; make sure you use all of these features together for the greatest results.

Also, before using your tape measure, remember to remove any protective plastic! These indicators might get in the way and make getting an exact measurement difficult. Make sure your hook is placed up against whatever you're measuring—whether it's a wall or a piece of furniture—and that it's hanging straight down when you're taking a measurement.

Best Laser Distance Finder:


The InticeTM Laser Distance Finder is a revolutionary method to swiftly and easily measure anything. The laser tape measure can measure huge areas by projecting a laser that detects when it collides with a solid and begins measuring. The laser measuring tool includes a variety of functions to assist with all types of measurements, including tiny, large, curved, and more.

  • ACCURACY: This fully-featured and powerful laser measurer features long-range measuring with extreme accuracy and measures distances up to 328 ft to within 1/16 inch, for professional confidence

  • EASY-TO-USE: Simple, easy to use one-button operation starts by pressing a button once to begin measuring; The Intice™ Laser Distance Finder is compact enough to fit in any pocket; Features a backlit color display that allows measurements to be easily read, even in dark areas

  • CONVENIENT: Provides default real time measurement that adjusts as you move closer and farther from target, just like a tape measure, plus it has 10 measurement memory to keep track of distances

  • DURABLE: This robust Laser distance measure is IP54 rated to withstand tough jobsite conditions such as rain or dust, for reliable service and secure confidence